So, you think you may be pregnant.

You are not alone. If you are anything like other women, you know your body pretty well. Missed period, tiredness, sore breast, increased sense of smell… it all seems to add up.

But are you actually pregnant?

The only way to really tell is with a pregnancy test. You can call, 610.383.0930, or text us, 215-607-2297 to schedule your free and confidential pregnancy test today.

In the mean time, we’ve complied a list of early signs of pregnancy that you may be experiencing.


The first trimester of pregnancy comes with fatigue that will make you wonder why they stopped nap times in kindergarten. Your body is releasing hormones that signal your placenta to grow and nourish your developing baby. It is also working hard to create more blood to carry nutrients to your baby.


The sudden rise in hormones and blood flow can cause headaches for some women.

Frequent Urination

Your uterus is growing and putting pressure on your bladder. Because of this, one of the first symptoms that many women experience is feeling like they have to go to the bathroom more often.

Mood Swings

Those same hormones that are surging through you to support a healthy pregnancy are likely the culprit for mood swings during pregnancy. Although mood swings are normal, if you find that you are struggling with depression or extended periods of sadness, please contact your healthcare provider.

Some of the other symptoms that you might experience are morning sickness, swollen or tender breast, darkening of the areola, backaches, etc. But, like all of the symptoms above, these can have causes other than pregnancy, such as impending menstruation, tension or stress, hormone imbalance, lack of sleep, improper nutrition…etc. Because pregnancy symptoms vary from woman to woman and pregnancy to pregnancy, the only way to determine for sure is through a pregnancy test.

Your next steps:

If you are pregnant or think that you might be give us a call or text us to set up an appointment for your free and confidential pregnancy test. We have nurses on-site to confirm your pregnancy through hCG testing and ultrasound and to help you with what to do next!

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