Lives Saved...

Helping Each Other

In a Spanish parenting class a woman shared about the hard time she was having in her life. The next week, her classmates and teacher came together to help her with food, clothing and needed items for her and her new baby. What a blessing to see how our clients are reaching out by helping one of their own classmates, as they are in need themselves.

I Hid My Pregnancy

“My mom said ‘life would go on as usual after I had the abortion’. I was confused and felt alone. I did not want to have it (the abortion) which is why I hid my pregnancy from everyone as long as I could. Now, I can tell you that the abortion had a traumatic impact on me long into my adult years and into my marriage.”

“My life spiraled out of control after the abortion. I hated myself... it wasn't until I was led to a church, that led me to a pregnancy center, that I learned truly what God's forgiveness is and why he [God] could love me so”.

They Made Me Feel Loved

“While I was in college I found myself with an unexpected pregnancy. I did not know what to do and I was scared. My emotions were all over the place. Soon after I knew I was pregnant, I stumbled upon CCWS Medical. I called and they made me an appointment for that very afternoon. When I went to the appointment, I did not know what to expect; they were the nicest people. They gave me hugs and made me feel loved. CCWS Medical was helpful and non judgmental. Before going to the appointment my family and friends gave me advice and had different opinions on whether I should keep my baby or have an abortion. All this advice left me up in the air as to what I was going to do, whether to have an abortion or keep my baby. It was when I went back to the medical room for my ultrasound at CCWS Medical that I made my decision. I saw my baby’s heartbeat and that made my decision for me. The heartbeats on the ultrasound machine made me want to keep my baby and I knew that it was a life growing inside of me. I cannot imagine my life now without my son. I love him so much; he is the most important thing in the world to me.”

Lives Changed...